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  • How can I register for e-mail communications from Thrive Renewables?

    You can subscribe to our email newsletter for regular updates on news, events, opinion and information about new offers. This will NOT change how you receive statutory communications related to your shares (such as our annual report and invitation to the Annual General Meeting).

    To receive your statutory communications by email instead of via the post visit Computershare's Investor Centre website as our company registrars. Once you’ve opened the page, complete your details. The company code is TRE and you’ll need to enter your shareholder reference number, which starts with the letter C. If you need any further help, call 0370 707 1350. Computershare are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

  • Where is Thrive Renewables registered office?

    Thrive Renewables' registered office is at:

    Thrive Renewables
    Deanery Road
    BS1 5AS

  • Who are the company registrars?

    Thrive Renewables has appointed external registrars to manage the requirements of our shareholders and bondholders.  Please check which investments you hold and make enquiries to the correct registrar.

    Thrive Renewables Plc Shares - Computershare Investor Services Plc (view more FAQs about this investment type) Tel: 0370 707 1350.

    Thrive Renewables Plc 2016 Bond - Abundance Investment Ltd (view more FAQs about this investment type) Tel: 020 3475 8666 or Email: support@abundanceinvestment.com

    Please note:  if you hold more than one investment in the Thrive Renewables group of companies you may need to contact more than one registrar.

  • How can I update my address and other personal details with you?

    The company registrar can help you with:

    • Change of address
    • Change of name
    • Change of bank details for your dividend payment
    • Notifying us of the death of a shareholder
    • Getting a new share certificate if you have lost your original certificate
    • Merging your holdings into one if you have multiple holdings
    • Enquiries regarding interest or dividend payments
    • Transfer of bonds or shares

    Please contact Computershare on 0370 707 1350 or write to Computershare Investor Services PLC, The Pavilions, Bridgwater Road, Bristol, BS99 6ZY. Some changes to personal details can also be made by logging on to your Investor Centre account. To register go to https://www-uk.computershare.com/investor/registration.asp


  • What is the market price of shares?

    The Directors of Thrive Renewables provide a valuation which is published on the Investor Centre pages of our website. The Directors' Valuation may change following significant events in the Company, such as the purchase of new projects or forecasts for future wholesale electricity prices.

  • Are the shares listed on an exchange?

    No. Shares in Thrive Renewables are not listed on any exchange or on the Alternative Investment Market.

  • Thrive Renewables is just an onshore wind company isn’t it?

    We have onshore wind and hydro operating sites in the UK and have recently provided funding to a community solar farm in Shropshire. We are continually looking at other forms of sustainable energy such as  biomass and energy storage projects.

  • What is your data protection policy?

    We won’t pass your details to any third parties. As a public company, however, the general public can access our register of shares.