Our Governance

Our Corporate Governance framework follows the QCA Code for best practice overseen by our expert Board of Directors.

As Thrive Renewables continues to grow, it has been important to develop the Company’s governance to appropriately reflect the scale and nature of the operation.

Thrive has voluntarily adopted the relevant aspects of the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code for Small and Mid-Size Quoted Companies (the QCA Code) and the Annual Reports from the Company include an enhanced governance section.

The code sets out governance guidance and best practice appropriate for companies the scale of Thrive Renewables and while the company is not currently listed on any stock exchange, the QCA Code is largely relevant for our business.

It is important for Thrive to prioritise the interests of its shareholders and corporate governance is the means through which this can be achieved. By following the QCA Code we are demonstrating our commitment to communicating effectively, maintaining trust and providing an effective management framework for the business.