Historical Performance

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. But we are proud of what we have achieved since we were established in 1994.

For the latest information on Thrive’s financial and environmental performance, please read the Investment Factsheet and annual reports which are available on the Useful Documents page.

Total number of investors

Directors' Valuation and dividends paid 

Note: Past performance in paying dividends is no indication of likely future performance. The directors’ valuation is not a share trading price.

Our impact 

* Impact generation describes the electricity generated by Thrive’s ‘impact portfolio’ of projects. The impact portfolio consists of Thrive’s share of projects owned plus the projects Thrive is funding.

Note: Past performance of electricity generation is no indication of likely future performance.

This graph shows the generation and storage capacity we have built over time, either through assets we have owned or projects we have funded. When we’ve sold assets and funding bridges have been repaid, we’ve subsequently reinvested money into further generation in line with our mission. Although no longer owned by us, we consider the creation of that ongoing generation part of our impact.

Whilst we do not report on the generation or emissions reductions delivered by projects which we no longer own or fund, the light blue bars on the chart provide the capacity of the projects that Thrive has built and funded, but no longer owns or funds. This provides an idea of the scale of the renewable capacity, and therefore impact our investors have delivered over time.

Thrive is making a difference! Visit our impact section to see how much carbon emissions our investors are saving.

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