Thrive in top 3% of UK B Corps following recertification

  • Posted: 18 Apr 2024

Twenty point increase in impact score.

Thrive has recertified as a B Corp, increasing our overall B impact score from 110.8  to 131.1, exceeding the target of 120 that we set in our last progress report. This puts us in the top 3% of all UK B Corps [1]. The new score reflects our growing environmental and social impact as we continue bringing together people, companies and communities to accelerate change. 

Core areas of the business that we’ve increased our impact in include environmental reporting and supply chain due diligence. We also significantly increased energy efficiency in our office, for example overhauling the lighting to an intelligent system of LEDs that are using over 60% less energy.  

“We exist to power positive change through all aspects of our business from the clean energy projects we invest in, to the workplace we create for our team. So it’s rewarding to see the widening of our impact reflected in our new B Corp score. We will continue to challenge ourselves to do better and further increase our impact both socially and environmentally – connecting more people to sustainable energy, faster.” – Matthew Clayton, Managing Director, Thrive Renewables.

Thrive has been taking action to tackle climate change for almost 30 years. During that time we’ve built or funded 39 clean energy projects, generating over 2.2TWh of clean electricity. That’s enough to meet the demand of 1.3 million UK residents, saving over 1 million tonnes of CO2e emissions. 

In 2023 our portfolio of renewable energy projects generated 136,316MWh of clean electricity, enough to power all the homes in a town the size of Preston and delivered emissions reductions equivalent to 58,620 tCO2e. Recognising that there’s always more that we can do to reduce our carbon intensity we have committed to reaching net zero by 2030 as part of the SME Climate Hub. 


[1] Based on our analysis of a publicly available dataset from B Lab, up to date as of April 2024.