Business ethics

As one of the UK’s original mission-driven businesses, we help people address the climate emergency by sharing ownership of a portfolio of clean energy projects.

Our core values provide a moral compass for how we operate and run as a company.

  • We only invest in clean energy projects which provide significant carbon emissions reductions. Our portfolio actively contributes to the UK’s net zero targets, ultimately helping to tackle the climate emergency.
  • As a certified B Corporation, we are committed to meeting the highest social and environmental standards.
  • Transparency is central to how we run our business. We want our investors to have access to all the information they need, which is why we share regular communications on the company, our projects, our impact and the wider energy market. Read about our impact here.
  • We have voluntarily adopted the Quoted Companies Alliance governance code, providing a recognised framework for high standards of governance and transparency.
  • We have built a community of almost 6,000 investors who are contributing to the transition to a cleaner, smarter energy system.
  • Thanks to support from our shareholders at the 2020 AGM, we have changed our Articles of Association. This means that all our business decisions must consider the needs of, and the impact upon, all stakeholders including local communities, the environment, our staff and our investors.
  • We have pledged to reach Net Zero by 2030 as part of the B Corp Climate Collective. As a business our direct carbon emissions are already very low (click here to find out more about this) and our clean energy projects have saved over 1million tonnes of carbon dioxide in the last 28 years.