Workplace impact

We are committed to meeting the highest social and environmental standards in all areas of our business.

Below are some of the measures we have taken to ensure we have a positive impact for our stakeholders, staff and the planet.

  • We have committed to reaching Net Zero as a business by 2030 via the B Corp Climate Collective.
  • Our head office is a certified BREEAM Green Building and is also one of the greenest in Bristol.
  • All of our printed documents, including our Annual Report, are zero carbon.
  • We support our staff to use sustainable travel wherever they can. We provide a Bike to Work Scheme and Climate Perks - two extra paid holiday days when staff choose to travel sustainably on holiday rather by plane.
  • Our Remuneration Committee ensures our salaries are fair and in line with shareholder expectations.
  • We invest in the tools and resources our people need to grow the company, develop their careers and fulfil their potential.
  • We provide an annual training allowance to enable staff to keep up to date on relevant skills.
  • We support the UK Living Wage.
  • Five out of ten Board members are women. 60% of the team are women.