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There is increasing pressure in modern supply chains to provide goods more cheaply and in a more sustainable manner. Many UK businesses are looking to on-site renewables as a solution to manage energy costs in a volatile market and to improve environmental credentials for a competitive edge. They don’t necessarily have the capital – or skill set – to install those renewables themselves.

That’s where Thrive Renewables can help.

In 2014, the Greenvale AP potato processing facility near March in Cambridgeshire began benefitting from renewable energy being generated by a wind turbine owned by Thrive Renewables immediately adjacent to their buildings. Greenvale is committed to sustainability and had worked with a national developer to gain the necessary planning permission and grid connection for a new wind turbine to supplement their existing solar PV system. Thrive Renewables was delighted to agree terms around the lease and supply of electricity which provides as much as 75% of Greenvale’s demand from the abundant local, renewable wind resource. Greenvale are able to better manage their operational costs, differentiate themselves in a competitive market and, importantly, maintain hundreds of local jobs provided at the facility.

Thrive Renewables has decades of experience in the energy sector and we are keen to use our understanding to build the right projects in the most suitable locations. Our growing number of merchant projects are inherently in areas which have existing industrial buildings and operational activities so lower impact on visual or environmental amenity. But we’re not put off by the potential complexity of building in a developed area – we believe the result of providing local renewable supply directly to meet local demand is worth the effort. We also have capital available from our many thousands of engaged shareholders who support our work in this area.

If you’d like to discuss your project in more detail, with an expert in renewable energy investment, email or call us on 0117 428 1850.


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