Outright sale of your project

We know that developers put a huge amount of time and resource into getting their projects off the ground. They may experience a rollercoaster of emotions planning decisions, local consultation, ecology surveys and financing arrangements. There comes a point when some want to simply realise a return on what they’ve put in and sell their project.

That’s where Thrive Renewables can help.

For example, we bought the rights to an 8.2MW wind project in the industrial area of Avonmouth, near Bristol – initiated a decade earlier by GENeco, an innovative and sustainable division of Wessex Water. The project was designed to generate enough renewable energy to power their own waste water treatment site. By the time planning consent was granted a number of other on-site initiatives meant the organisation was already self-sufficient and had no need to develop the wind farm. Thrive Renewables was pleased to work quickly and effectively with Wessex Water to complete the deal and build the project on the site. Just 13 months later, the four turbines commenced generation for the first time.

Thrive Renewables has decades of experience in the energy sector. We have a network of established professional relationships to conduct due diligence quickly and effectively. We also have capital available from our many thousands of engaged shareholders.

If you’d like to discuss your project in more detail, with an expert in renewable energy investment, email info@thriverenewables.co.uk or call us on 0117 428 1850.


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