Staying involved after the sale

Developers of renewable energy projects know their projects inside out and invest many hours and much emotion over the years. At Thrive Renewables we recognise that their knowledge and context can add real value during the construction and operational phases. We appreciate that they don’t necessarily want to let go of the project but may not have the capacity or resource to take it to the next stage.

That’s where Thrive Renewables can help. 

We invested in a 9.2MW wind farm in North Wales which had planning permission, a grid connection and rights over the necessary land. The project had been taken through the planning stages by a local developer, Tegni Cymru. The developers were keen to see the four turbines built and begin contributing to the UK’s energy mix but were also keen to ensure they had resource available to initiate new projects in the future. The deal agreed was able to acquire 100% of the project for Thrive Renewables yet retain the skills and knowledge of Tegni Cymru in appropriate roles through the construction phase and on into operations. The developer maintains a regular stream of revenue from the project they kicked off, yet also realised the value they needed to move on to their next project.

Thrive Renewables has decades of experience in the energy sector. We are able to understand specific project circumstances and adaptable enough to consider arrangements which will prove to be mutually beneficial. We also have capital available from our many thousands of engaged shareholders.

If you’d like to discuss your project in more detail, with an expert in renewable energy investment, email or call us on 0117 428 1850.


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