Project Case Studies

Every renewable energy project can benefit from our experience. So we work with businesses, developers and communities to help them get the most from their investment.

We have far-reaching experience on all types of projects. For example, some developers want to sell their developments on at the best possible price, while some prefer to retain part or full ownership once it’s up and running. Others may simply need short-term finance to move their project on, or want to buy power once the project is built.

Have a look at the case studies below to see some examples of how we’ve invested to meet the different needs of a variety of commercial and community developers.

Case study - Outright sale of your project

There comes a point when some want to simply realise a return on what they’ve put in and sell their project.

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Case study - Staying involved after the sale

Developers can add value into construction and operations of a project. We can provide the equity needed to take it there.

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Case study - Retaining part ownership

There are certain circumstances where we believe genuine impact can be achieved by deviating from our usual 100% ownership.

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Case study - Merchant sites

Many businesses are looking to on-site renewables to manage energy costs and improve environmental credentials.

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